Hi, I’m Maritza, how do I describe myself?

MaritzanJusticeI am a Texas girl, born and raised,

Texas GirlI have a love for God and Country,

bible-american-flag-croppedFamily, Animals, Life, Homesteading and Home Cooking.

divider2I love to talk about my favorite things which include but are not limited to:

Frugal Shopping, Creative Thinking, Acrylic Painting,

BootsBible Living, Faithful Giving, Biblical Student, On-My-Knees Praying,

Coffee Drinking (milk & sugar please), Sweet Tea Loving,

Sweet TeaHealthy Eating, Garden Planting, Horse Riding, Cow Showing (4-H),

Dog Training, Cat Cuddling, Chicken Raising, From-Scratch Baking,

Hammock LayingHammock Laying, Hard Working, Trail Walking, Trip Taking,

New England in JulySun-ray Soaking, Adventure Finding,

d9748-2013-07-2516-00-31Movie Watching… I think that might cover things for now,

but if I have forgotten anything I will add them to this ongoing list. 🙂 Enjoy!



What’s in THE Name?

I often get asked the question… why do you call yourself “StarStruck?” Well there is actually a story behind it, a long story. Those that know me well, know that it is difficult for me to tell “short stories,” it is truly a struggle, and for you I shall now struggle to put this story in a nutshell.

It all started with a dog, yes you heard right… a dog, named Pulsar. Who was Pulsar? She was my Best Friend, Best Dog Ever!! She was my official first dog I got when I was 13. I had picked her up with her brother Bear. When they were about 5 months old, after a series of escapes from our backyard, Bear was stolen leaving me with sad and lonely Pulsar. It was the end of an awesome companionship between two pups, but the BEGINNING of a NEW and equally awesome companionship between human and dog. I became Pulsar’s new found buddy. She holds a special place in my heart, even to this day.


After she passed away I already knew what my next (planned) dog would be. It was going to be an Australian Shepherd and her name would be, Astra. Astra based on the celestial theme, in essence she was named after Pulsar, who was named after a sort of … star. I had never met Astra when I chose her name, I just knew in my heart that it would come to pass.

YEARS later and a few dogs later, the time came. In keeping with the nutshell theme I will skip all the juicy details and say that when I picked up “Astra,” the breeder asked me, “What are you going to name her?” I said, “Astra.” She asked, “Why?” I said, “I’m naming her after a dog I once had, but that dog’s name wasn’t Astra, it was a star-like name.” So the breeder was surprised, she said, “well that’s perfect, ‘Astra’ was born the night of a meteor shower.” So it was SEALED!! She was “the one.”


I had tons of plans for Astra, one of which was to make her the foundation for my kennel, and every kennel needs a good name so the name I chose was…. you guessed it.. Star Struck, I rolled it together and now it looks like this “Starstruck” and while I never got my kennel officially up and running it has housed all my other endeavors of Cockatiel Breeding, Dog Training, and the list goes on and on and continues to grow as I gain new skills, etc. So that is the official, abridged story of how how the Starstruck name came into being.


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