Unplanned Dismount at Bigelow Hollow, CT ~ Part 2 – “Lost, but now found.”

The next morning I headed off to an appointment near Grafton, MA. I was gone most of the day and had a blast of a time. Jason was off of work and Alayna stayed home with him because my appointment did not allow her to join me this time. I was visiting with a horse trainer, more about that on a separate blog perhaps… another time 🙂  .

So I was a little sore from my injuries and when getting dressed that AM, knowing I was going to be around horses, Western themed, I knew I would need to wear jeans and close toed shoes, despite the soaring temps. I used some gauze and dressed my wounds, holding everything in place with a “gauze sleeve.” It was brilliant and held everything in place nicely even under my jeans. I even rode my friend’s horse bareback (but lightly) with ease despite my injuries. When I got home, and peeled my gauze off my leg, well, that was a different story. So, the family had been waiting “all day for me” it was now about 3 PM and they informed me they wanted to go swimming and possibly fishing at Bigelow Hollow, since Jason did not get to see it the day we went. He was home, working. Well I reminded my family that fishing would not be an option as we only hold fishing licenses for Massachusetts at this time (silly situation in my opinion). We never had this problem in Texas, we lived so central that this sort of stuff never came in question. Anyway, so fishing was OUT for this trip, but I agreed, despite being dog-tired, to go to Bigelow Hollow and to row out to the granite rock and SWIM. BUT FIRST, I needed to go get a “Liquid Bandage” to protect my legs so that if I wanted I could also swim with the family. So we did, we picked up a bottle, but the funny thing was it was not in a spray bottle like they used to be, but instead it was in a “fingernail polish bottle” with a brush. If you saw my previous post, you might remember the state of my leg and the rather largish area that needed to be “bandaged.”


I could faintly remember the last time I used this stuff in the summers at my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Harlingen, TX. It would STING soooo badly! So I “put on my big girl britches” and go started. I really needed a bite stick, haha. I worked as quickly as I could before my mind talked me out of continuing to coat my leg in this stuff. I even thought at one point, about just pouring the bottle on my leg instead of using this ridiculously tiny brush to paint my leg. I needed a house paint brush!! I finally accomplished this with much squinting of eyes and working through the pain. THIS was hands down MORE painful than getting the injuries in the first place! So with that drying on my body we headed to Bigelow Hollow State Park again.

I was rested in the fact that we had more man power in my hunky hubby that can out paddle both my daughter and myself put together. Who needs an outboard motor?? With hubbs?? Not me! 😉 Ok well, it WOULD still be nice to have one, really! So again, a repeat of the previous day (if you read part 1 already you’ll know about all the repetitive rowing recitations). Finally we arrived at the swimming rock. We got out, and I brought a chair since I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to swim. In any water, bacteria is an issue, but river water… no matter how clear, is chocked full of all kinds of stuff. Since I don’t come equipped with a chemistry set, I would have to take the highest precautions to prevent infection in my raw leg wounds. Even if they were covered with the clear bandage. So we got in and swam. It was a whole lot less crowded this day. So we were able to maneuver around the place a lot easier. We swam around with goggles and checked out all the nesting fish under the water. They looked like they wanted to bite us, but they didn’t thankfully. I mean, the don’t have teeth, but they can still give you a smart pinch. Ask me how I know sometime!! :/ So I’m glad they did not choose to nip us. Right before we decided to row back to the boat launch we went to the rock where I had tumbled off. We were amazed and I was humbled how bad things “could have been.” I was INCHES away from a hard, unforgiving, granite rock formation just right where I landed in the water. My daughter had the goggles and she looked at the river bottom in that spot and found… Jason’s Camo Sunglasses!!!! Hooray!!

Sunglasses2 Sunglasses

They did not look any worse for wear. They must have just tumbled right off my head and sunk straight to the bottom. There they sat until we recovered them over 24 hours after the event. We are all so thankful and humbled that in that moment, despite the circumstances, God protected me. I will take the scrapes on my legs and body over what “could have” happened. I could have ended up with a head injury! Who knows!?!? All I know is that I had God’s divine hand of protection on me. I mean, I did not even feel pain. I got up and walked out of the water as if I had jumped in on purpose and despite the obvious wounds in my flesh that I did not really feel, I was really doing just fine!

Thank you Abba!! 😀 Psalms 110


Until next time – Yah bless!



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We are a small family of 3 and a bunch of critters.We love God, our Country and it's foundations. We made a BIG move from Texas to Massachusetts in May 2013.This blog captures our 'new' life, there is never a dull moment. There is a lot of charm and character in this place and I plan to unveil it all and bring it to you in the painting presentation of word pictures and more.
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