The World has gone “down the toilet.” Apostasy…

Shabbat Shalom everyone! I realize it is Shabbat, and I don’t often like to go into politics on my blog posts, and I didn’t really plan to, but in light of the recent headlines on marriage rights a lot of people on public media kept referring to how “the world has gone down the toilet.” I was reminded of a journal entry I wrote and a dream I had back in August 2013. This was not meant to be a “throw back” entry, but again, in light of all that is happening I felt it relevant to share this.


8/30/13 – Friday

Preliminary Happenings

Friday morning I spent the morning watching a video with Anton L.’s daughter and son-in-law speaking about their religion. Saying how Christianity was in it’s “death throws” etc, (not true!) and stating their stance on things. It was a Christian speaker interviewing them. I didn’t finish watching it because we had to leave. Before we left we had to finish taking care of our animals. I had had a wonderful notion and a vision for our farm. It involved making a classroom and creating a haven for believers. A safe place for people to come and learn, learn about the “Good News,” health, and horses. I expressed the vision to my daughter as we walked through the barn and my mind expounded as to the possibilities that lay there-in. We headed back to the house from the barn. Jason was working from home so we got in the truck and headed to town, I shared my vision with him as we drove to town. There was a huge traffic jam so we took “the road less traveled” and went the back roads to get to a restaurant in town. The restaurant was full, there was only one booth left. It was the booth that “no one wants.” It has a fan ceiling fan above it that is not balanced properly so when it spins the light creates a strobe light effect and it can be quite annoying. We did not have a choice if we wanted to eat there, so we toughed it out. We ordered our usual breakfast and then headed down Main Street to head to the Woodstock Fair in Woodstock, CT. There was horse show there that we wanted to go see. At one point on Main Street in front of the Library and Post office the traffic came to a standstill so we again began looking for a different route to take, but there weren’t too many options. One big truck in front of us got tired of waiting and spun out and around as they went the opposite direction. They had a cute tiny sheltie in the front seat. So we finally made it to the fair grounds, but we realized we had passed our destination, so we had to turn back around and go through the fair grounds again. We finally made it to our destination at the horse show and found out we could not park there and that we were on a one-way street. A lady at one of the parking areas was being really rude to us as we tried to figure out where we were supposed to go. We ended up following her directions and went down and to the left then we found a place “right around the corner” to park and it was no-cost! That worked for us. We parked and walked through the horse show. We sat and watched some shows and found some of the stables we had been looking at. We watched for a little bit and then we headed up the hill, the steep hill, to the fair grounds.

We walked around and watched some go-carts, a tractor-pull, then we walked over to the carnival rides. We didn’t stay long in there because it was too crazy. We walked through and went to the big red barn and walked through there, we looked at all the tractors and old cars, it was all pretty cool. Then we headed back to our truck. On the way we decided to swing into the animal area. We went into the sheep barn first, and then we walked through to the next barn and saw all the rabbits, and poultry on display. Then we headed to the cow barn. We saw the farm there that we get our milk from. We said hi, and then when we finished up there we headed down the hill to the horse show again. By now, our daughter was fussing about everything, she was hungry, and I fed her, she was thirsty, and I watered her, but she was still thirsty…. Now her feet were hurting. So we went down the hill with the idea in mind that we might watch some more of the horse show but as it turned out, we just went straight to the truck and left! On the way home my husband decided that we should go to a restaurant in Sturbridge. As we drove we were nearing our own home and would have to pass it in order to go to this other restaurant so I suggested that maybe we should just go home. Shower and change into our jammies and eat food I had made the day before. I had already prepared it, it only needed to be warmed. So we all liked that idea and did just that. When we arrived we went and fed the dogs and horses and it was at this point that I remembered I was super low on horse feed. In fact, I did not have enough to last until the next evenings feeding. We would have to abandon our plan and go get feed only we could not go to the store we normally go to because I had just gone there the day before and they were out of the food we normally use. So my husband called a different store and verified they had this food in stock and we figured we’d go to a restaurant there that we had tried before and liked. The route we took took us a direction that I was not familiar with. We drove and drove and I had no idea where we were, when finally we were almost there but the GPS could not calculate the route correctly. I had to look it up on my phone. I got it and it was straight forward and we were only 5 minutes away, which was good because the store was going to close in 10 minutes! We drove up the road and my daughter and I both saw this building that was in the shape of a castle and it said “Castle Restaurant.”

macastle2We were all excited about it, and the Feed Store was not far down from that. So while my husband ran in the store to get the feed we looked up the ratings to this restaurant on our phone. It sounded good enough so we decided to give it a try. We went in and we got a table and ordered our meal. They had two rooms, “the Camelot room” and “the Crusader room” we were seated in The Crusader Room. There was a bar in our room and a piano. There was a fireplace too. Above the fireplace there was a relief of some Greek gods. I recognized the story but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Above the relief there was a letter “N” carved into the granite. We wondered what it meant, so my husband asked the waiter. The waiter asked the owner (we didn’t know at the time that he was the owner).

After we ate, my husband asked one of the waiters, who was actually an owner, a question… “He said “how old is this structure?” So the guy said the original structure had been around since the 1700s. Then he asked us if we wanted a tour. We found out that the building was constructed of bits and pieces of historical building all over the Worcester area. He said the area council in the 1960s they decided to tear down older buildings in the area and rebuild. So all these building were ripped down and this facility which was much smaller back then decided to take the materials and rebuild and add onto their existing structure. He took us out and showed us the patio, he showed us key pieces that had been part of buildings all around. There was a piece to the library, There were artistic pieces carved in stone from the library walls. Different bricks that surrounded the windows and such used to be cobblestone streets that lined the hubs in downtown Worcester and surrounding areas. So we were really surrounded by all kinds of history of the area in one “little” place. He took us out on the patio, which we had no idea that we were by a lake, Sgt. Lake, we had no idea we were near a body of water. He said it was fed by the headwaters of the French River. It was really cool out there. So we went back inside and he took us to a big meeting hall. He said this portion of the building was a part of the original 1700s structure that used to be a Dairy Barn. Pretty cool. He said later it turned into a restaurant where they made 21 flavors of ice cream and sold Fried Chicken. This was in about 1924. So that concluded our tour. We headed out to our truck by way of the front door that even had a small draw bridge and a mote surrounding, too cool! We started to climb in the truck when all three of us noticed that the water in the lake was really stirring. It was churning and rippling and lapping up against the opposite bank. I got out to walk over to the water to see what was going on but my daughter advised against it. Here is my post about it on Facebook:

“Then we went back through the castle and out the front door to our truck. When we climbed in the truck I noticed that the water was stirred. It almost looked as though “the tide was going out.” We were not near the ocean though, not even close. No one was out there, no boats or anything. It wasn’t even windy. We have a joke about Nessie so I went out to see the water and to see what might be stirring it, and my daughter said “don’t go, Nessie is going to get you.” haha

Of course I did not think that to be the case but it was enough to give me the eebie-begebees. So I got back in the truck and we all observed the phenomenon with awe and wonder. We went home googling river monsters, lol. Yes, we did do that! haha.

Anyway, somehow, I think “that” river was “the” river in my dream…. at least the theme of it… dun-dun-dun.”

8/31/13 – Saturday Morning


So I had a dream before I woke up this morning. It was a reoccurring dream, but I didn’t realize it until I had it this morning. I had forgotten I had had this dream before. Twice before, so this was the 3rd time.

We were in a house and we lived up a few floors overlooking a river. We did not have a perfectly clear view of the river but we could see it, we could see it was there.

Crystal River

So in this house we had a problem with our bathroom toilet. In previous dreams, we could use it, but we had to be very careful. I didn’t understand why previously. Well in this dream I knew there had been a few deaths in the river. We did not know how or why but some people were found dead in the river. Some of the people were people I knew in real life. I was really sad for them and did not understand why they died nor did we know the cause of death. I was at home with my daughter and my friend was visiting, a friend from when I went to a private school associated with the church I used to go to. Her kids were at my home, and there was another girl I recognized from the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church but this family I had met much more recent. They were at my home, visiting. Well somehow my friend had gone to go to the bathroom and as she was flushing the door was somehow open and I saw what happened, my friend fell in the toilet head first, there was nothing she could do to stop it but she just fell and was GONE! I freaked out! I could see the gaping hole in the toilet that looked cavernous and scary.

Not this:

toilet_flushing_5but closer to something like this:

sinkholeI wanted to stay away from it and wanted to keep others away from it. So I closed the lid and closed the door and considered locking it but I didn’t. I told everyone to stay away from it and not go near it. I contemplated calling 911, but was panicked. I looked out towards the river and surmised that this is where the hole in the toilet must have led to, and then I had a realization that this must be what happened to the other people they were finding in the river! I called my husband and told him what happened. He was not at home and only available on the phone. I prayed for my friend that fell into the hole and that was possibly in the river. I told my husband on the phone, I know what is happening, I know how the others are ending up in the river, dead! They must be drowning in the river. Finally I got to the point where I could dial 911, but then I looked out my window again and I saw a group of people dressed in white and they had my friend and were bringing her, she was battered and bruised, and they were bringing her back out of the water.

baptism_01Amelia Veal is baptized in the Flint River by Daniel Ausbun.She was scared and you could see she was in bad shape. I was so relieved. I ran down to meet them. I brought them all back up to my living place (apartment?) and when we got up to our place I realized that the kids had gone a little bonkers. They were mad at the toilet where my friend had fallen and they decided to vandalize it. When they finished vandalizing that they sort of spilled over into the kitchen and vandalized the kitchen a little, they battered the freezer door and it would not shut right anymore. Upset and perplexed as to why they would react this way I chastised them for their behavior. I told them they should not have done this thing. They should not have attacked it as they did not understand it. They all told me “sorry, sorry.”

~ End Dream ~

I have a lot of ideas about the interpretation of this dream, what are your thoughts?

Until next time – Yah bless!



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