Throw Back Thursday – Ocean’s Spay/Spray

#TBT from August 2008

This was bittersweet as we got our prize female Aussie spayed early in the month. She just got her stitches out today as a matter of fact. She was by far, my best “spay patient.” She was no fuss aside from the first day actually. That was a bit dramatic…

Ocean’s Spay

6daaf-148Basically when Ocean came home, she was still coming around from her anesthetic. She was tired and very lethargic. We left her laying quietly on the floor in our Master Bathroom. She was on a cushy blanket, passed out and peaceful. We decided to take the rest of the unruly bunch of dogs out on a walk. They were excited because of the strange smells coming from Ocean whom they were not allowed to go near. So we got our things together as usual and headed out on a walk. It was a good long 45 minute or so walk. We went our usual route down to the end of our street and down the side trails that are full of wild pigs and a herd or horses, plus some large Long Horn steers.Ocean LOVES going on these walks. Lots of smelly smells and running to do, all the dogs enjoy our evening country walks. Well, we headed out, without Ocean. When we returned we were astonished to find that Ocean in her drunken anesthetically caused stupor had tried desperately to get up and come with us only to collapse on the tile floor in our bathroom. Poor baby! There was blood everywhere! Thank God Jason was there with us. He catapulted into action and became like a emergency room surgeon and had Alayna and hopping around the house to clean up and sort out Ocean’s predicament. She had lost a bit of blood. She was not feeling good at all! We got her resituated and we moved her to the kennel as we had planned. We had not put her in there yet because we were waiting for her to come around. She was so passed out, we would have hurt her trying to stick her inside the crate. It’s easier if she walks in herself. Although being in her crate, she wouldn’t have stammered around and fell. That was the end of that, after that it was smooth sailing. No problems. She kept her suture area clean, and she did manage to snip off one stitch, but she did well. All my other dogs I’ve had through here have been difficult and they all have ended up having to where Elizabethan Collars at some point, but not Ocean. I was really happy with her performance and outcome. YAY!

Comment on this story 2015:

Scary moment for the entire family here. I can remember this occasion so vividly! I’m thankful we were able to get everything under control so quickly. The vet was not worried about it, I suppose in his opinion it happened a lot. With all the dogs that I’ve had through rescuing, etc, I can say that this is the FIRST and ONLY time I have ever experienced this sort of incident. I’m relieved that all turned out well. 🙂

Until next time – Yah bless!



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