Throw Back Thursday – Kissy the Clownfish

#TBT – October 2008 – Another follow on from the previous 3 weeks on-going Throwback Thursday blog. – Enjoy

ClownfishDH has been working much too much lately. We sure miss him and also you can see that things are getting left undone since our normal routine has been thrown off. Our salt water fish tank has gone past it’s usual cleaning schedule as dh usually takes charge of that. Well I’d noticed that Kissy, our little Clownfish was swimming, seemingly trying to gulp air at the surface of the tank. Recently we had added some cleaner snails to try to reestablish a cleaning crew in the tank. We had some crabs that loved escargot and the thought of fresh escargot delighted them a little too much! For the longest time we only had crabs, and even at one point the crabs were killing each other and even Kissy the Clownfish took a few out that had ventured too close to her little den. She was quite formidable the little lady! In fact we named her Kissy affectionately, but her “kisses” were not affectionate. She had bitten dh on many occasion, and me being wise to her, I used a wand to fend her off if I had to stick my hand in to aid a wayward snail or crab. Well anyhow, I thought that the tank needed some cleaning so I called dh who was in a meeting at work and had him give me instructions on how to do a partial water change. It really wasn’t all that difficult and I completed the job. I set everything back in order and let the tank settle a bit before feeding the fishy crew. I fed the fish and settled down to type up the beginning of this blog. Well from where I sit I can see the fish tank quite well and I see Kissy swimming vertically (you know fish normally swim horizontally!) which is very abnormal!! Uh oh!! I knew that Kissy was not doing well. I had checked the salinity and had done all according to dh’s instructions. I examined her more closely and saw that she had scaly parts coming off her back and she was again seemingly gasping for air much like a gold fish near the surface of the water. This is not a normal behavior for a clown fish, especially not Kissy. Well there wasn’t much I could do for her. I do believe she was nearly 4 years old or so, I think she was pretty old as clownfish go. The other fish all seem fit and healthy. We have a Golden Damsel named “Blondie,” an Azure Damsel named “Bluey, a 6-line Wrasse named “Seis” (that’s 6 in Spanish), ONE hermit crab (that had to spend a night in solitary confinement when we introduced the snails as he was trying to eat them). Also now we have 2 GIANT Mexican Turbo Cleaner Snails, and 3 Astrea snails. We didn’t name this lot, in the past we did name them but we just haven’t this time around, at least not yet.

Well, Kissy disappeared, and we searched and searched for her. We thought maybe she tucked under a rock and was stuck somewhere there. Their rocks have little caves and especially Bluey uses his rocks like Castles complete with watch towers, etc. It’s very cute!! When dh arrived home LATE in the evening, he searched for her and found her lodged in our artificial coral. She was dead and quite difficult to get out. Poor girl 😦 … well at least we know she had a happy life while she was here with us. I’m not certain that we will get another Clown Fish. Although I would love too, I really believe we need a bigger tank before we branch off on that endeavor. Our tank is “just right” now, we had one too many fish but we bought the 6-line wrasse so we wouldn’t have to get any more crabs. The 6-line wrasse’s job is to catch undesirable critters that take up residence in our live rock. That is what crabs do also, except they end up trying to catch EVERYTHING, fish, snails, we USED to have some Sponges and some Featherdusters, but the crabs though they were delicious too. We once had an arrow crab that tried catching our fish. We caught him in the act one morning it was sooo funny, but eye opening too. Oh I can’t let you go without telling you this story! It is so unbelievable it’s funny!

Arrow crabs are supposed to be great Bristle Worm catchers. Bristle Worms are dreadful predators with voracious appetites for your prize little tropical fishies. They don’t much care, they just eat and eat! They are poisonous and look much to me like underwater centipedes. They only come out at night and there are various ways to catch them, but being that we loved the way the little Arrow crabs looked I couldn’t resist adding one of these guys to our mini reef. He was so fun to watch. They have funny little frowny faces and are quite comical. They look quite frail actually, but do not be fooled! They are quite formidable and are to be reckoned with! They are awesome predators and very territorial. Well he seemed pretty quiet in the day time. We would watch him walking around with his funny legs, picking at this and eating that. At feed time it was so funny to watch him. He would snatch up as much shrimp as he could and stuff it in his mouth and it looked like had a shrimp mustache! So funny! Well one particular morning, we got up quite earlier than normal. It was 6 AM and still dark outside. We were all leaving the house and had to feed the fish early this morning since I had some errands to run and would not be back until later in the afternoon. I turned the light on for the fishtank and planned to leave it on to let them wake up for a few minutes before feeding or else they would probably not be as likely to eat. Well I was getting ready to rush off to finish getting ready when I noticed a peculiar sight! It was our Arrow Crab standing with his arms up, claws up, and a fish flake stuck to his rostrom on the top of his head (reference picture). Kissy, Bluey, and Blondie were looking at this site and I suppose considering eating the flake, which would have been to their doom for sure!! The light scared the Arrow crab and he ran (yes he actually ran in the water) across the bottom of the tank back to his home! Then he removed the flake and groomed himself! How hilarious! I’m so glad we caught him in time before he snacked on any of our fish! I added a new thing to my list for that day. A stop by the pet store!! I exchanged him for a much smaller Arrow Crab that we named “Squanto,” because he was kind of short and squatty. 🙂

Comment on this story 2015:

This was at a home in Seguin, TX. I sure miss having a fish tank in use. We have the tank, but our home now is much smaller than our past few homes so unless we put a home addition in, for now… no fish tank 😦 Not even a tiny one, oh well, maybe again one day. For now, I’ll just have to visit the BEACH, sounds like a win-win to me. 🙂

Until next time – Yah bless!



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