Throw Back Thursday – A Stinky Cactus Visitor

#TBT from October 7, 2008

A Stinky Cactus Visitor


Yesterday, October 7, 2008, in our morning routine I was trying Ty’s new guarding station in a different location. Trying to keep everyone happy is oh so difficult. I wish we did not have to tie anyone. I don’t have a choice though. The dogs are on high alert and very protective of us and our home. Well, we have an oval driveway, the patch of land in the center of the oval I refer to as “the island.” I tied Ty (we have so much fun with his name, it certainly makes us laugh often) to a raised stump in the center of the island. He wasn’t real happy about that, but he was “dealing with it” as I finished up the outside routine: feeding, watering, washing, etc. The wind picked up a bit and was whirling about, I looked over and noticed Ty actively air-scenting in MY direction!! I was standing towards the front of the property in a clearing, and I was somewhat close to a clump of trees and shrubs that we’ve been working on clearing. We’ve temporarily halted clearing that area because it does shield our home from “prying” eyes from the street. I have/had plans to but up some hedges and I’d really like to do that before we clear those shrubs. We’ll leave a tree or two, but mostly we plan to replace them because we have more Mesquite than you can shake a stick at (no pun intended). So I decide to let Ty go and see what he does. We’d had trouble with a Roadrunner in the past… maybe he/she was back?? I release Ty and tell him “get ‘em” and he RUNS over to the patch and begins trying to hone the where abouts of this aromatic delight he scented. It was in this BIG cactus bush in our front yard. Then I spy what he spies! He’s trying to push through the cactus but he’s getting poked in the chest and keeps retrying his entry point. I grab him because I can see the little critter he’s found has a very fluffy black and white tail!!!!!!!! It’s a SKUNK!! In the daytime!!! Uh oh!! I’ve heard more than one person say, “if you ever see a skunk out in the daytime… KILL IT because it more than likely has rabies.” GREAT!! Why ME Abba! I analyze the situation: ok the skunk is not trying to attack us necessarily. He/she is squirting skunk spray, not full on spraying and trying to turn around to spray us, but is unable to effectively do so because he/she is also getting poked by the cactus each time he/she tries to turn around. Thank you Abba! She is stomping her front paws at us to tell us she’s a crazy skunk and we’d best not mess with her. As I examined her it seems to me that she might be a juvenile skunk, she looks quite small from what we can see. I remove Ty from the situation, no need to encourage Ms. Skunk to “find” a way to turn about face and give us all a good spray. I take Ty and … tied him back to his station. The other dogs at this point are livid as they desperately want to come see what Ty found. They are almost saying, “no fair, we wanna see too!” I go in and make a call to dh, he says, “I think it is safe to leave the skunk be, but please take a picture of it so I can see too.” Well I don’t have a camera! So my though is… “call the neighbor and have him come take a pic so I can share with all.” Our neighbor is more than willing to come take a pic and see our quarry. So, I put all the dogs away and he comes over, we go back over and the skunk is STILL there in the cactus. Only now he is starting to fall asleep, I mean, she is nocturnal, maybe it’s been a long night for her. I don’t know. He “tries” to take a picture, his camera was not working properly so he said he isn’t sure if it took or not. We decide maybe it might be best to call Animal Control, just in case. I took him on a little tour to see the goats and ducks and we were discussing the issues we’d been having with the dogs. Both his and our dogs have been conducting raids on each other, much like rival football teams stealing mascots etc. Well instead of mascots, they’ve been stealing bones and toys from each other. Real cute! So we are about to go our separate ways and I notice on the horizon a little black and white, very fluffy tail making it’s way to my neighbors front yard (he has a LARGE patch of woods in his front yard). We both breathe a sigh of relief and decide to let the situation go. My neighbor told me there are a lot of skunks living there in that patch. As a result he has a few owls that have also taken up residence on his property. He says they are the best predators for skunks as they are not affected by skunk spray like other predators might be. We leave it at that go our own ways and I return the day shift guard dogs back to their posts (aside from Ty, he stayed in for the day). If I get the pic, I will post it, for now I do not have one to post.

Comment on this story 2015:

It’s funny to see how many things have changed since this time. We’ve moved a few more times since this post. This was at a home in Seguin, TX. I’m thankful for the time we had there but also THANKFUL we were able to move elsewhere. 🙂

Until next time – Yah bless!



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We are a small family of 3 and a bunch of critters.We love God, our Country and it's foundations. We made a BIG move from Texas to Massachusetts in May 2013.This blog captures our 'new' life, there is never a dull moment. There is a lot of charm and character in this place and I plan to unveil it all and bring it to you in the painting presentation of word pictures and more.
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