Anniversary Outing

On our actual Anniversary Date, April 23rd, we needed to go to Springfield, MA. Why you may ask? My daughter and I had a rescheduled hair appointment. Normally I would not have scheduled it ‘on’ our anniversary but it isn’t always commonplace that my husband actually gets the full day off of work, so I took a chance. So, thankfully (and unexpectedly), Jason was off and was able to accompany us. We arrived early to town, because we didn’t want to be late, and we had enough time to swing into Chick-Fil-A for brunch. We are a good 45 minute drive from two different Chick-Fil-A’s, this is one of them. We enjoyed our lunch and it was interesting to note how the cashier, an older woman, sort of sifted us as groups. Myself and my daughter, then my husband separate. She thought it was strange when he walked up behind us and paid for our whole meal. I’m not sure what she based her decision on. The only difference between us and him is that we are women folk, and he had a camo jacket on. Anyway, I could see she was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable with her mistake, but … we shrugged it off and enjoyed our meal regardless. She wasn’t rude or anything, it was just interesting how she processed us in her mind. We were all standing close together and I couldn’t observe any obvious reasons why she sifted us separately.

After our meal, we headed over to the salon. Our visit was pleasant, and with our tresses straightened, we headed out the door to our next destination. When we were on the way to the salon I remembered that there are dinosaur tracks that are easily accessible, right off the highway in the neighboring town to Springfield in Holyoke, MA. I did a blog post a while back about our visit to Holyoke, we did not actually get to see the tracks that visit. Here is that post: (specifically “part 1”).

So based on what happened last time (see above mentioned blog if interested 😉 ), I was wary, but was still more at ease with my husband being with us this time. So we arrived at the site and trekked down to the tracks. I was astonished to find out how CLOSE the tracks were to the road. I’m not sure if I can explain it, but I will try. The tracks were next to a HUGE drain culvert. Apparently the road above us (the one we arrived there on) crossed over an old creek which was used to drain water into the big river there. No wait, HUGE river, there. Here is a map for better reference:

Dino Prints Holyoke MA

The creek is not indicated on the above map, but you will see it in the following pics:

So that concluded our very short Dino Print walk…. and our vehicle (referencing what happened last time) was A-ok.

Afterward, we at a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was a very enjoyable day. 😀 We got home pretty late, and had to hit the hay because the following day was a BIG day, … the Once Annual Homeschool Convention put on by MassHOPE. More on that in the next post! 🙂


About Maritza

We are a small family of 3 and a bunch of critters.We love God, our Country and it's foundations. We made a BIG move from Texas to Massachusetts in May 2013.This blog captures our 'new' life, there is never a dull moment. There is a lot of charm and character in this place and I plan to unveil it all and bring it to you in the painting presentation of word pictures and more.
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