New Farm “Arrival”

“Is that the new arrival? Tell me what is it, a boy or a girl?”
-Fiddler on the Roof

Well, I don’t know, I’m guessing a boy! We named him Big Tex!…

He arrived on a trailer about a week ago. We were all grinning from ear to ear.

Jason went to work right away, it did not come a second too early, or late.

Big Tex will come in handy with our upcoming projects this Spring and Summer. 🙂


About Maritza

We are a small family of 3 and a bunch of critters.We love God, our Country and it's foundations. We made a BIG move from Texas to Massachusetts in May 2013.This blog captures our 'new' life, there is never a dull moment. There is a lot of charm and character in this place and I plan to unveil it all and bring it to you in the painting presentation of word pictures and more.
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