The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan
This morning I woke up with PURPOSE! I was struck with the fact that it is nearly August 1st and I needed to get our year fully planned with lessons and all. We have set up our office nicely and each of us has a desk. Something we did not have room for in our last home. So I was excited to get all set up. I decided to take my daughter on a school shopping trip to set up her desk to get her equally excited. She is starting the 7th grade this year. I can hardly believe it!! She’s growing all up right before our very eyes, makes me all misty. One reason is because my baby girl is growing up, and on the other hand I’m so proud of her accomplishments to date. She is blossoming into quite the young lady.

After we finished A.M. chores we hopped in the truck and headed to Worcester. We had lunch and then hit some shops, we found a few items at Staples, at Target, and finally I needed to stop for a finale at Sam’s Club, then we would head home. When we headed to Sam’s my gas light came on in my truck. When this happens it is DANGER because it is often too LATE and we have run out of gas in this truck before, more than once! Well here I am, about 15 minutes away from Sam’s Club. I only had “35” suppose-ed miles “due to empty” I unfortunately knew that that could very well be a stark lie! I did not want to run out of gas and have to walk. We are still learning all the areas and my husband is well over an hour away at this point, in Boston. So I whisper a prayer and coast on every hill I can and FINALLY make it to Sam’s Club! Woohoo, but before I can celebrate by pulling near a gas pump I accidently pass up the entrance! Oops! So I pull up to what I thought was a 4 point stop sign area and there are NO cars around and I decide to bust a U-ey and head back to the entrance. Well my truck has a LARGE turn radius and I don’t quite make the full turn, so I had to back up just slightly to clear the curb. Of course suddenly there are 3 vehicles breathing down my neck, two politely wait (as I would have done for certain) but 1 of the 3 decided to make it KNOWN to me that they were seriously displeased for the inconvenience I had caused them. They proceeded to try to RUN me OVER and then HONK rudely at me. So I returned the favor and honked back with a slightly longer honk. I pulled ahead of them with my Hemi and pulled into the gas station. This guy figured he’d mad-dog me a little longer and he pulled in behind me but his passenger pleaded with him to “let me be,” so he pulled into another aisle. I got out and avoided eye contact but told my daughter to lock the doors, who knew what this guy was going to do. There was a lot of traffic so I had planned to simply stand my ground whatever he planned to do. He stared evilly at me from his side of the pump. I finished pumping gas and climbed into my truck and went to start my truck and the ignition would NOT TURN OVER! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I shut everything off and unplugged everything, gave it a second and tried again, NOTHING! Oy! Not this, not now! I again silently prayed! Everything happens for a reason right? So I could see my daughter getting worried, I also did not want this mean guy to know I was in a predicament, out of my peripheral vision I saw him pull up in front of me and slow WAY down and mad-dog me one last time. Then he drove off. After he left I tried again… NOTHING! I noticed the car behind me was done pumping gas and was waiting for me to move. I got out and told them that my truck would not start and asked if they could drive around past me. There was plenty of room. I opened my hood so hopefully others could see that I was obviously having engine trouble and would go around me. I tried to get a hold of my husband, but he did not answer my texts or phone calls. I sat there and the verse of a song came to me and I sang it out loud. It was from Matisyahu:

“…sometimes in my tears I drown, but I never let it get me down, so when negativity surrounds, I know some day it will all turn around. Cause all my life I’ve been waiting for, I’ve been praying for, for the people to say, that we don’t want to fight no more, there’ll be no more war and the children will play… one day… one day … one day”

My daughter accompanied me singing. It sort of calmed us in the situation and I cracked the windows and patiently waited for what would happen next. This man came and parked next to me, he was parked going the wrong way. Sam’s Club has strict rules about the direction you face when pumping gas. The gas station attendant was on him like white on rice and I heard the man telling the attendant to please allow him to pump quickly and he wouldn’t do it next time. The attendant did not push the issue. The man backed out of his spot and then he noticed me sitting in my truck with my hood up. He asked if I needed help. I was like “yes, I believe my battery is dead.” He hopped out and asked if I had jumper cables. I did and I handed them to him and he scoffed at them. Another lady walked up and had jumper cables in a tidy bag that was all zipped up. He liked her jumper cables and he quickly went to work hooking it all up. He charged my battery and started my truck right up! I was soooo relieved! He then asked me if I had water, I was like…. “um, why yes I do, I happen to have a case in the back of my truck from our recent trip to NYC.” I handed him a bottle. I thought he was going to fill my reservoir but instead he drank almost the entire bottle right there. He then asked if I was going to get a battery right then, I of course said… “well I’d better, I have a 30 minute drive to go back home.” So he had me follow him to his favorite battery store, Interstate, and he struck up the deal and even installed the battery for me right there to save me a couple of bucks! Wow! I was very happy! While this man was installing the battery my husband called and my daughter filled him in with what was going on. I thanked this man VERY MUCH and we parted ways. I went back to Sam’s and picked up the remaining items and headed back to the house. I love watching my day unfold with YHVH at the helm. Sometimes we see things unfold before our eyes and I am just in awe. Until next time, YHVH bless and keep you!

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We are a small family of 3 and a bunch of critters.We love God, our Country and it's foundations. We made a BIG move from Texas to Massachusetts in May 2013.This blog captures our 'new' life, there is never a dull moment. There is a lot of charm and character in this place and I plan to unveil it all and bring it to you in the painting presentation of word pictures and more.
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